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Living Wall has been a unique selling point for ARQ Designs since 2013. With its custom designed for every furniture, beautiful timber backing or various cabinet sizing are never too much; the option is endless. Now, TALLOK Team collaborates with ARQ Designs when designing Living Wall which introduces a fresh young touch to the design alongside with the infamous timeless and elegant design from ARQ Designs.


The ‘Living Wall’ is the perfect solution to transform bare living room walls with functional storage and stunning sculptural elements. It creates a place for audiovisual and Smart technology, wine and liquor collections, elegantly displays art pieces and collectables and more! It becomes a sculptural form that reshapes your living space, designed around today’s sophisticated lifestyle needs.


Advances in technology through mobile phones, tablets and home automation have moved further ahead of the ways in which we actually integrate that technology into our homes. Living Wall bridges the gap between the two. ARQ together with TALLOK has teamed up with home automation and AV specialists to design tech-friendly furniture concepts that enhance the users' experience and provide smart storage solutions incorporating cable management, ventilation, wireless sensors and discrete speaker placement. The best part about the concept is that it is customisable to work for you, so YOU are in full control of your design and budget. Just choose your wall, choose your components and make your living space come to life with the ‘Living Wall’.


For more information on Living Wall concept, feel free to speak with one of our designers from ARQ or TALLOK.




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